Plantaciones del Norte Nederland B.V. (PNL) has entered the market as a direct operator because, quite simply, it has observed a change in the socioeconomic situation, which for many years shaped commercial policies.
In recent years we consumers have become very much aware of the damage caused to the environment, and are more willing to buy goods that do not cause an unreasonable environmental impact. From an ethical point of view we turn to producers that do not exploit workers.
Plantaciones del Norte Nederland B.V. (PNL  has decided to meet this increasingly pressing demand by making its experience available to consumers, buying fruit solely from producers that are selected according to growing methods, with field tests and checks carried out by highly specialist personnel.
We pay take particular care over logistics: from the fruit’s departure from the packing station and arrival at the port of embarkation to its arrival at the port of destination, taking of samples for multi-residual analyses and final delivery of the product.
All these steps are constantly monitored to keep as tight a control as possible over the chain.

Consumers that choose our fruit must be certain they have bought a quality product: healthy, genuine, grown in compliance with ethical values and fully respecting the environment.

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PNL does not just sell fruit,
PNL sells a concept of sustainability,
PNL sells a concept of social relations,
PNL sells a concept of wholesomeness.

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