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Plantaciones del Norte Nederland B.V. ( PNL ) is a Dutch company based in the city of Alkmaar.

The company is part of the Plantaciones del Norte group, the largest producer of organically cultivated  bananas in the Dominican Republic, a company which has imported into the Community right from the time of its establishment.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years,  PNL is able to satisfy all requirements in regard to the import of organic fruit under conditions of fair trade and is able to resolve all problems concerning logistic aspects.

The commitment of PNL does not end with administrative matters, in fact the company imports and distributes organic fruit under fair trade conditions from Peru with standards are ensured by certificates that guarantee conformity to European regulations.

Product traceability is ensured by means of control throughout the product chain making it possible to trace the origin of the fruit.

Every week the bananas of PNL arrive in Antwerp, the most important European port for bananas, on board banana boats and stowed in refrigerated containers. Once they have passed quality control and the inspections required by the Belgian health authorities, they are made available to the clientele.

Plantaciones del Norte Nederland B.V. guarantees the highest quality standards and meticulous observance of organic farming protocols and fair trade.