Properties of the bananas

Zero cholesterol, zero saturated fat and zero sodium, lots of vitamins, fibres and minerals, potassium in particular.
These are the main properties of the banana, an invaluable ally in our efforts to keep fit and healthy.
An average-sized banana provides:

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Bananas are also rich in vitamins:
A, B2, B3, B9, B6 and C, plus iron, magnesium, manganese and potassium: 450 mg.

Potassium is however the most wholesome and important element in the banana. As well as reducing blood pressure and protecting against possible strokes and heart disease, this mineral helps to preserve bone density and muscle mass, reduces the formation of kidney stones and favours intestinal wellbeing, rebalancing electrolyte levels even in the event of diarrhoea.

It has been seen that the consumption of large amounts of potassium results in a 20% reduction in the risk of death deriving from a multitude of causes. Children who eat a banana a day have a 34% lower risk of developing asthma.

Again as far as children are concerned, the vitamin C contained in bananas helps to reduce the risk of leukaemia, while fibres help to protect against colorectal cancer.
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The fibres contained in the banana also help diabetics, reducing glycaemia for type 1 diabetes and raising the levels of sugars, lipids and insulin for type 2 diabetes. The tryptophan amino acid contained in bananas also helps to combat memory loss and mood swings.